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how to make a sewn tutu

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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Ebook Guide that Reveals
Every Tool, Tip, Trick & Technique on How to Make
Beautiful, Boutique-Quality SEWN Tutus...
for Fun & Profit!

No Experience Necessary!
Whether You’re Making Tutus For Your Daughter or Granddaughter, Friends or Clients... My Full Color, Easy-to-Follow Guide Removes All The Guesswork!


With My Step-by-Step How to Make
a Sewn Tutu Guide and a Little Love, You Can...

* Save Money! Create Tutus on a Shoestring Budget for Ballerinas, Halloween Costumes, Formal Events, Weddings, and More!

* Make Money! Many Well-Known Boutiques Use the Very Same Techniques in My Course to Make Tutus that Sell for up to $60.00 for Just ONE! Now YOU Can Do the Same!


Discover All The Basic Techniques on How to Make a SEWN Tutu, Including 8 Different Variations... All With BASIC Sewing Techniques!

If Thousands of Everyday Women (and Men) Can
Master My Tutu-Making Techniques, So Can YOU!

tutu onesie
how to make a tutu onesie
how to sew a tutu to a onesie
how to make an infant tutu
how to make a double layer tutu how to sew a tutu dress how to make a filled tutu how to sew a filled tutu

1.) Tutu Onesie

2.) Pettiskirt Style Tutu Onesie

3.) Tutu Ribbon Onesie

4.) Filled Infant Portrait Tutu

5.) Filled Flower Petal Tutu

6 .) Multiple Layer Tutu

7.) Satin Ribbon Waist Tutu

8.) Empire Waist Tutu Dress/Top


tutu size chart

Readers LOVE My Unique Size Chart! Now You Can Create the Perfect Size Tutu Every Single Time!


sew a tutu skirt
Left: The Boa Inspired Garland Goes Together Beautifully
With Matching Ponytail Holder & Tutu!

Right: A Beautiful Flower Petal Filled Tutu Paired
With Leotard & Lined To Prevent Itchiness!

Below: My daughter wore this as a flower girl dress to her uncle's wedding!

how to make a tutu flower girl dress

These are Just a Few of the Same Creations YOU
will Learn to Make from My Exciting New Guide!

You'll Also Master these EASY Tutu Making Secrets...

how to embellish a tutu
How To Embellish
Your Tutus
to make tulle bows
How To Make Poofy Tutu Bows & Wrist Poofs Using Your Extra Tulle Scraps
how to make nylon headbands
How To Make
Nylon Headbands
To Attach Your
Poofs & Bows
how to sew lining
Troubleshooting & Tutu Lining Tips & Techniques To Help Save You Time & Frustration!

how to sew a tutu

Order My Popular
Ebook Guide:

"How To Make Boutique-
for Fun & Profit!"

And You'll Receive... 84 Pages of
EASY-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions
with Over 250 Full Color Photos!

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Bonuses Worth Over $39.85!

tutu suppliers($19.95 Value)

My SECRET Wholesale Resources!

Hundreds of Resources & Suppliers! Save Time & Money Once You Discover My Precious Tulle & Ribbon Suppliers! Plus, HUGE Bargains On...

* Grosgrain Ribbon as Low as $.20 a Yard!

* Puffy Fabric and Crochet Embellishments!

* Alligator clips as low as $5 for 100!

* On a webpage so you have up to date links!

tulle color chart
($9.95 Value)

I'll Even Include A Color Chart!

* One of my SECRET tulle suppliers sell a spool of Tulle for $1.30!

* This color chart alone, will help you come up with picture perfect color combinations!

*Use the color chart to help you design and sell your own color coordinated tutus!

($9.95 Value)

Bonus Instructions On How To Make:

how to make fairy wings

how to make fairy wands

How to Make 2 Versions Of
Sparkly Princess Fairy Wings!

How to Make Magical Fairy
Wands Using Extra Tulle!

how to make a tutu bow
tutu onesie instructions
Neck Garland/Boa With
Matching Ponytail Holder!
Neck & Arm Trim For
Onesies & Shirts!


(Hard to Place a $ Value on Community Resource!)

sew a tutuReceive an Invitation to Join My "Sew A Tutu" Yahoo Group!

It's Free To Join! Connect with Other Creative Moms and...

* Share Photos of Your Creations!

* Ask Questions & Troubleshoot Together!

* Share Advice and Ideas!

* Make New Friends & Contacts!


sew a tutu dress

Lovely Empire Waist Style Can Be Made As A Top Or As A Dress!

Right: My Daughter Strolling through the Park with Daddy While
Wearing Her Favorite Fairy Wings!

These are Just a Few of the Same Creations YOU
will Learn to Make from My Exciting New Guide!

Still Not Convinced?

Here are 5 Smart Reasons to Buy My Popular Guide!

1.) NO Restrictions on Usage! Make Tutus for Fun, Friends or Family!

Can you believe some people who sell tutu making guides don't "allow" you to sell your creations! They say you can't sell any tutus or other projects you made with the "help" of their book!

We don't impose any silly restrictions... in fact, I WANT you to make money selling tutus! If you can start a business making tutus, then more power to you! All I ask is that you don't sell the actual guide itself! :)

2.) Thousands of Satisfied Customers! From All Over the World!

I have been selling my guide for over 2 years on eBay and elsewhere on the internet... even in the real world! You don't sell thousands of copies (and counting) by selling garbage!

3.) My Guide Really TEACHES! Other Guides Leave Much to Be Desired.

Some women think they can slap together a couple photos and a few paragraphs and call them "instructions." Just because they know how to make tutus, does NOT mean they know how to TEACH.

My guide is filled with full color photos and step by step, easy to follow instructions to help you make tutus, quickly and easily!

4.) Help & Guidance Long After You Buy the Book! No One Else Offers This!

Whenever you have questions or need support, critiques, or fresh ideas and perspectives, my "Sew A Tutu" Yahoo group is a valuable resource. And of course, I am always available and happy to answer your questions!

5.) This Book Pays for Itself! Start Your Tutu Business on a Shoestring!

Although I don't teach any "money-making" tips in this book, it has NOT stopped dozens of women from selling tutus in their very own businesses! Of course, if you are on a shoestring budget, you can easily transform your small investment in materials and sell tutus for $20-$60 or more! Sell just ONE tutu and you have paid for this book!



Thousands of Happy Readers Have Purchased (and Love) My Easy To
Follow Guide! But Don't Take My Word for It... Listen To What They Say!

For my work as a photographer, I photograph adults and children. A client of mine wanted a
photoshoot with a tutu dress. I searched the internet, but all the tutus I found were expensive.
Then I found these tutu instructions, and being the crafty-girl, I decided to give it a try myself.

The instructions are very easy to follow. The girl wanted to have a photo of herself to look like her favorite illustration. It was a dress with three layers of color. So my first tutu was also a very difficult one to start with. But with the easy instructions, I made it in a couple of hours, exactly as I pictured it!

In a short period of time, you can make a whimsical tutu dress without sewing & with a great effect!
Mariana, thank you very much for making this tutorial, it is really become my new hobby to make these beautiful tutu's and to photograph them!

make a tutu

The download worked perfect! Thanks so much. A very well done presentation.

I've written work instructions for automotive assembly so I really appreciate how well done they are. I wish my engineers could organize and document this well!

I bought these for my 9 year old, for her birthday, and I think that they are written well enough that she can follow them quite easily.

Thanks again!

Hi Mariana,

Thanks so much! Your instructions are AWESOME!! I had ordered another set and wish I had ordered yours first!!! I made my first one last night....not bad for a first one but I have some work ahead of me!! HA!! I am just trying to figure out where to begin with styles, colors, etc. It is a bit overwhelming but I look forward to joining the "tutu world"!!

Thanks again!!

Teresa Tabor
Midlothian, VA

"...WOW! When I opened your instructions I was blown away!..."

I just wanted to write to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with your instructions! I made the mistake of purchasing another set of instructions first because the seller seemed well-known for her instructions. I was so disappointed! The directions were vague, the resources were "eh" at best, and it showed only one way to make a tutu...

...So I took the chance and paid for a second set, yours. I wanted to make my daughter's ladybug Halloween costume with a tutu. All I can say is WOW! When I opened your instructions I was blown away! I even had to show my husband the difference and HE was impressed!

They were so detailed and the pictures were wonderful. The measurement chart you included was SO HELPFUL. Especially to anyone considering making them for profit (I own a successful korker hairbow business and these instructions have inspired me to think about adding tutus to my product line!!)

Your resources were stellar-and you even provided some that, even as part of the "crafting" industry, I didn't know of! The extra directions for the wings and wand were perfect as well. And to top it all off, fantastic customer service! While the other woman sent me a very nasty response email (and apparently from contact with other eBayers, I am not the only one!) your emails were friendly and helpful.

I would highly recommend and strongly suggest your instructions to anyone debating which ones to purchase. I would tell them to take my word for it and not make the mistake I did. If they are looking to make any type of tutu, your instructions will be the only ones they ever need. They will not regret their purchase!

Thank you again!!

~Karen M.


Your e-book is great!
I made tutu's and princess wands for all the girls that came to my daughters 1st birthday party!
It was such a hit with the little girls!

Thank You so much!
Rachel Toscano

I loved these instructions. They were so easy to follow and had helpful sizing tips, and lengths for different styles.

It has different styles of tutu's, and the tutu instructions go over every single step. It had a good supplier for tulle, which I have used and was very easy to work with, and quick. You won't be sorry you got this.

I have made 3 tutus, and they have turned out great. I took my little girls picture in her tutu and people have asked where I got it. It's so fun to say, "I made it!"


The download worked great! Thank you very much! I own a little dance shop and these will be useful.

Thanks again,

Carly J.
Pleasant Grove, UT

I did get it and was able to download the instructions. I read through it and will attempt making my first tutu dress tomorrow. The instructions seem very clear and precise. Thank you. I also added the groups.

Shawnna S.


Just received your book and I am so excited I can't stand it! You've put everything in there, including pictures and I so appreciate that because I'm a visual learner. I also appreciate the fact that the supplies you use to make the tutus and bonus items are so practical! Can't wait to get started and then get photographing!

Thanks again you genius, you!

Marianne V.
Fletcher, NC


Yes! Thank you so much. I have already made one tutu for my little princess and a friend wanted a multi blue one for her little girl. They were so excited! I did try to email you at the yahoo link, but I guess it didn't go through. I have added those two address to my contacts list, so hopefully I will be able to receive mail from the tutu and hairbow groups. We are working on corker bows this weekend! Thank you again!

-Sandy C.

Hi. I Finally Got To Look At The Instructions Today, They Were Great! I Was Also Pleased With How Fast I Got It. Thank You Very Much!

-Darcie C.

I got it and just got to glance at it over the holiday, but what I did get to see, I loved!!! Thank you so much!! I'm planning on making a tutu dress for my daughter for Christmas, so I'll look more at it soon to see how to make that.

Terri F.
Demorest, GA

YEAH!! I am so excited...

I thought this may be fun to make my girls tutu's for pictures an this upcoming halloween! (I have triplets two girls, one boy) an an older daughter... so I will put this to good use! The instructions downloaded perfectly. I added the below addresses, will you add me to the yahoo group?

Emily P.

Hi Mariana,

I got the instructions-thank you so much! I can't wait to try them out! They look wonderful and easy to follow.

Thanks again!

Mornin' Mariana!

Just wanted to let you know that your download was perfect! Thank you sooo much! No problem about the "wait"....I've got my own "computer workaround"....our soon-to-be 2yo g/d....who loves playing with the computer....so I have to do things when she's sleeping, or has left for the night with mom and dad....ha!!

Love all the pictures; they will come in handy when our 5yo g/d comes over and wants to help Gamma make her a tutu! She loves crafting and sewing just like Gamma!!

And I'd love to join both Yahoo groups!!!!

Thanks sooo much!!
Nancy [Gamma]
Folsom, CA


I LOVE this package! What a smart woman you are for making this :) Thanks again..so much!!

Cassidy B.


I just wanted to let you know that it downloaded okay and the info looks great! I added your two emails to my address book so that I can be included in on the yahoo invites. Thank you again!

-Bridgett J.

Hi Mariana,

Thanks so much for the link. I downloaded the tutu instructions and they are great! I also added the email address for the yahoo groups to my address book so I can join the yahoo groups.

Thanks Again,

-Robyn S.
Kirkland, WA


I wasn't expecting to receive the tutu instructions until tomorrow so thank you for getting them out so quickly! And the instructions are FABULOUS by the way. Thank you!

-Tiffani T.
Littleton, CO

Hello, Mariana,

Yes, I received my instructions within a very short time period and I'm already making one for my 2 year old daughter for Halloween! My 5 year old has asked for one, too, so I'm off to the store tomorrow for more supplies! Thank you so much! Even my hubby was impressed by how quickly I made a halter tutu dress! Just a few embellishments left to glue on and I'm done! Thanks so much!!

~Christina H.
Dodge City, KS
Hi Mariana,

Thank you for the tutu instructions. They look very easy to follow.
Hopefully I will have some success this will be my first time trying to make my girls' halloween costumes! I am super excited!

Thanks again,
-Brandi L.

Hi Mariana,

I did receive the tutu instructions and they downloaded perfectly. They are really great instructions! I'm excited to get to work! ;)

Thanks a bunch!

-Emily W.
Olive Branch, MS

Yes, I was able to open it and download without any problem. Although I've made a few tutus already, I'm really looking forward to making a much better one (next will be a Halloween one) with the help of your guide.


-Monika K.


I have received the files and they downloaded perfectly. Thank you so much, the tutu instructions are clear and detailed and very easy to understand. I have also added the email address for the yahoo group.

Thanks again :)

-Talia M.


The download worked great! Thank you very much! I own a little dance shop and these will be useful.

Thanks again,

Carly J.
Pleasant Grove, UT

I did get it and was able to download the instructions. I read through it and will attempt making my first tutu dress tomorrow. The instructions seem very clear and precise. Thank you. I also added the groups.

Shawnna S.

sew tutu pattern

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