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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Ebook Guide that Reveals
Every Tool, Tip, Trick & Technique on How to Make
Boutique-Quality No-Sew Tutus... for Fun & Profit!

No Experience Necessary!
Whether You’re Making Tutus For Your Daughter or Granddaughter, Friends or Clients... My Full Color, Easy-to-Follow Guide Removes All The Guesswork!


With My Step-by-Step
How To Make a Tutu Guide and
a Little Love, You Can...

* Save Money! Make Tutus on a Shoestring Budget for Ballerinas, Halloween Costumes, Formal Events, Weddings, and More!

make money from from home* Make Money! Many Well-Known Boutiques Use the Very Same Techniques in My Course to Make a Tutu that Sell for up to $60.00 for Just ONE! Now YOU Can Do the Same!

Discover All The Basic Techniques on How to Make a Tutu,
Including 20 Different Variations... All With NO Sewing!

If Thousands of Everyday Women (and Men) Can
Master My Tutu-Making Techniques, So Can YOU!

how to make a double layer tutu
how to make an empire tutu dress
how to make a halter tutu dress
how to make a ribbon tutu

1.) Basic Tutu (2 Techniques)

2.) Ribbon Waist Tutu

3.) Satin Wrapped Waistband Tutu

4.) Double Layer Tutu / Reversible Tutu (2 Techniques)

5.) Strawberry/Cupcake Tutu
(2 Techniques)

6.) Triple Layer Turkey/Peacock Tutu

7.) Pixie Tutu

8.) Extra Poofy Tutus

9.) Knotted Tutu

10.) Non Sew Petti Tutu

11.) Extra Full Tutu/Crochet Band Tutu

12.) Crochet Band Tutu Dress

13.) Basic Tutu Dress

14.) Empire Waist Tutu Top/Dress

15.) Puffy Arm Strap Tutu Dress

16.) Non Sew Flower Filled Tutu

17.) Criss-Cross Tutu/Dress

18.) Infant Portrait Tutu

19.) Bonus Snow White Inspired
Crochet Band Tutu Dress

20.) Two Toned Empire Waist Tutu Dress (One Color on Top, Another Color For Bottom Skirt Portion)

tutu size chart

Readers LOVE My Unique Size Chart! Now You Can Create the Perfect Size Tutu Every Single Time!

Buy The Right Amount of Tulle The First Time You Go To The Store! No More Rushing Out to Buy More Tulle, Because You Guessed The First Time!

My Unique Formula Charts
Will Eliminate Guessing!
These Formulas Will Help Calculate The Right Amount Strips To Cut, Tulle Rolls To Purchase and Yardgae You Will Need From a Bolt of Tulle


* There's no need to purchase separate instructions that teach
you how to make tutu costumes. Endless Tutu Variations can
be achieved by combining or adding to the styles above.

Other tutu styles have been discussed in our yahoo tutu group.
Learn from other experienced group members!


tutu costumes

how to make a tiered tutu
Left: My Daughter was a Hit at Thanksgiving with this "Turkey" Tutu!

Right: My Daughter Strolling through the Park with Daddy While
Wearing Her Favorite Fairy Wings and Classic Poofy Tutu.

Below: My daughter wore this as a flower girl dress to her uncle's wedding!

how to make a tutu flower girl dress

These are Just a Few of the Same Creations YOU
will Learn to Make from My Exciting New Guide!

You'll Also Master these EASY No-Sew
Tutu Making Secrets...

How To Cut
Tulle From
A Bolt of Tulle

Secret Formula For Crochet Band Tutus to Help You Purchase The Right Amount of Tulle Using Tulle Rolls
or Tulle By The Yard!

Secret Formula For Basic Tutus to Help You Purchase The Right Amount of Tulle Using Tulle Rolls or Tulle
By The Yard!

The Quickest Way
To Cut Tulle From
Tulle Rolls
how to embellish a tutu
How To Embellish
A Tutu
how to make a satin waist tutu
How To Make A Satin Waistband
how to make a no sew tutu
How To Make An
Inexpensive No-Sew Waistband
how to make tulle bows
How To Make Poofy Tutu Bows & Wrist Poofs Using Your Extra Tulle Scraps
how to make tutu bows
How To Use
Tutu Poofs &
Bows as Hair
Clips, Ponytails
& Wristbands
how to make nylon headbands
How To Make
Nylon Headbands
To Attach Your
Poofs & Bows
how to make tutu costumes
Project Ideas To
Help You Create Tutu
Outfits For Costumes,
Photo Shoots
Or Just For Fun!
tutu pattern
Techniques That'll Help You Create A
Beautiful Tutu On
Your First Try!

tutu tutorial

Order My Popular
Ebook Guide:

"How To Make Boutique-Quality No-Sew TUTUS
for Fun & Profit!"

And You'll Receive... 118 Pages of
EASY-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Instructions
with Over 430 Full Color Photos!

PLUS! You'll Get 5 FREE
Bonuses Worth Over $40!

tulle suppliers($19.95 Value)

My SECRET Tulle Suppliers!

Hundreds of Resources & Suppliers! Save Time & Money Once You Discover My Precious Tulle & Ribbon Suppliers! Plus, HUGE Bargains On...

* Grosgrain Ribbon as Low as $.20 a Yard!

* Puffy Fabric and Crochet Embellishments!

* Alligator clips as low as $5 for 100!

* On a webpage so you have up to date links!

tutu color chart
($9.95 Value)

I'll Even Include A Color Chart!

* One of my SECRET tulle suppliers sell a spool of Tulle for as low $1.30!

* This color chart alone, will help you come up with picture perfect color combinations!

*Use the color chart to help you design and sell your own color coordinated tutus!

($5.95 Value)

Bonus Instructions On How To Make:

Snow White Crochet Band Tutu Dress:

Once You Make This Dress, You'll Be Able To
Create Many Other Princess Dresses & Costumes!

($9.95 Value)

Bonus Instructions On How To Make:

how to make fairy wings

how to make fairy wands

How To Make 2 Versions Of
Sparkly Princess Fairy Wings!

How to Make Magical Fairy
Wands Using Extra Tulle!

All With NO Sewing! :)

(Hard to Place a $ Value on Community Resource!)

tutu instructionsReceive an Invitation to Join My "How to Make a Tutu" Yahoo Group!

It's Free To Join! Connect with Other Creative Moms and...

* Share Photos of Your Creations!

* Ask Questions & Troubleshoot Together!

* Share Advice and Ideas!

* Make New Friends & Contacts!

* Learn How To Make Other Variations Not Shown In Ebook!

Still Not Convinced?

Here are 5 Smart Reasons to Buy My Popular Tutu Instructions!

1.) NO Restrictions on Usage! Make Tutus for Fun, Friends or Family!

Can you believe some people who sell tutu making guides don't "allow" you to sell your creations! They say you can't sell any tutus or other projects you made with the "help" of their book!

We don't impose any silly restrictions... in fact, I WANT you to make money selling tutus! If you can start a business making tutus, then more power to you! All I ask is that you don't sell the actual guide itself! :)

2.) Thousands of Satisfied Customers! From All Over the World!

I have been selling my guide for over 2 years on eBay and elsewhere on the internet... even in the real world! You don't sell thousands of copies (and counting) by selling garbage!

3.) My Guide Really TEACHES! Other Guides Leave Much to Be Desired.

Some women think they can slap together a couple photos and a few paragraphs and call them "instructions." Just because they know how to make tutus, does NOT mean they know how to TEACH.

My guide is filled with full color photos and step by step, easy to follow instructions to help you make tutus, quickly and easily!

4.) Help & Guidance Long After You Buy the E-Book! No One Else Offers This!

Whenever you have questions or need support, critiques, or fresh ideas and perspectives, my "Tutu Makers" Yahoo group is a valuable resource. And of course, I am always available and happy to answer your questions!

5.) This Book Pays for Itself! Start Your Tutu Business on a Shoestring!

Although I don't teach any "money-making" tips in this e-book, it has NOT stopped dozens of women from selling tutus in their very own businesses! Of course, if you are on a shoestring budget, you can easily transform your small investment in materials and sell tutus for $20-$60 or more! Sell just ONE tutu and you have paid for this book!


tutu how to make

Official PayPal Seal

Order in the Next 24 Hours and I'll Take $10 Dollars
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"How To Make Boutique-Quality
No-Sew TUTUS for Fun & Profit!"

(Ebook Download Only-
This is NOT a physical book)

Only $29.99 Sale Price $19.99!

** 118 Pages of EASY-to-Follow,
Step-by-Step Instructions with
Over 430 Full Color Photos!

** Don't Forget! You Also Get
ALL Five (5), FREE Bonuses
Mentioned Above! (Over $40 Value!)


Please Read BEFORE Purchasing:

1.) This is a DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK! NO Shipping Fees! No Waiting for Any Physical Shipment to Arrive! The eBook May Be Downloaded from a Link That is Automatically Sent Upon  Cleared, Successful PayPal Payment! Please allow up to 5 hours to receive the download. If you have not received the link(s) within 5 hours, please contact us at: and

2.) I Accept Payments through PayPal! If you choose to send a money order, please contact me. The link to download ebook will be sent to you until payment is received.

3.) Download Problems? If you have problems downloading or you have successfully downloaded and cannot find the ebook on your computer, please email me so that I am able to resend the file to you.

4.) Do you want to download on your iPad/tablet? The Non Sew Tutu Ebook comes as a zip file that must be then extracted to your computer. Most computers come with unzipping software and will automatically extract the files. You can also download unzipping apps in your operating systems app store. This process varies from PC to Mac. We are not responsible for unzipping your files. Please make sure you know how to unzip software prior to purchase.

You cannot download zip files onto iPad’s or tablets, unless you purchase or download an unzipping app. I believe the iZip app is free. Please email me to request individual chapters of the ebook in pdf format after you have purchased. The files are much too large to email as one pdf. That is why this ebook is delivered as a .zip file.

5.) You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view instructions. Once the zip file is extracted, the ebook will be in pdf format. Go to… for a free download.

6.) IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT NOTICE! These Instructions Are NOT for Resale And May Not Be Sold, Shared or Distributed In Any Form! Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! You may print up the instructions for your own personal use.

7.) Earnings Disclaimer – The ebook is sold for information purposes only. Absolutely NO promises or guarantees are implied that you will make any money from reading or applying the knowledge you gain from our ebooks.
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